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Many people all over the world advice to work from home, people have taken a Zoom chat app to work from home due to the lockdown, also many students teachers study together, they all are connected with Zoom app and study together during the lockdown. Many people discovered a fun setting that you can change your video background in the zoom app, also you can upload your picture that you want the picture in your background during the video call. So many people are trying this and enjoy it at home.

Its also helps so many people, that the people home are not fully furnished or the person wall not fully painted and the crack in the wall, so the zoom video call helps the person during the video call that the person did not want to show the dirty crack wall with their friends, So it can change their background during the video chat with their friends.

But you have to know that your system has the right requirement to change your zoom background, Zoom allows you the 40 minutes video call duration, and also it allows you to connect up to the 100 of people on the video calls. You can call your friends and change your background. So let’s see how you change your Zoom background like everyone else is doing in your mobile/desktop app.

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How to change you zoom background in pc

Step 1: Open your ‘Zoom app’, and click on your profile in the top right corner, and click on the ‘setting’

Step 2: Click on the menu, and then click on the ‘virtual background

Step 3: You can see many background provided by the zoom if you want to choose one of the default given background you can choose it by clicking on it

Step 4: IF you want to upload your photo and wanted to use as a background in your video call, on the same virtual background page click on the + icon to choose the virtual background, and then a box will appear and allow you to choose a photo or upload a photo, you can select the photo you want to change into your background.

And let’s see how you change your background using the zoom mobile app

How to change the background using the zoom mobile app

Step 1: Open the zoom app and logged in to your account, tap on the three dots given at the bottom right of the screen to open the menu

Step 2: Click on the virtual background as usual you do on the pc

Step 3: choose the background provided by the zoom, if you want to choose one of the default given background you can choose it by clicking on it or you can upload your background by click on the + icon.