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Since due to lockdown we all are stuck at the home and we all practicing the social distancing, so you can watch Netflix movies,series, and play and pause with your family and friends, only we have to do a free browser extension called Netflix party.So using the google chrome extension called Netflix party we can watch movies with our family and friends.

we can add up to 5,00,000 at a time and watch the movies with the same time, but it only works in the google chrome, and you have to add a chrome extension called the Netflix party.

When you watch a movie with your friends and want to discuss what’s going on in the movies, you and your friends be able to chat with each other, because there is the side chat bar given, that helps you to chat with each other and discuss what you want.

In order to watch movies, make sure everyone has a Netflix account. when you send the invite with your friends. if your friend does not have Netflix account, and they don’t able to pay money to Netflix for watching a movie.

so the Netflix offers a 30 day free trial for her new subscriber, and you can also able to share your account with two to a four-family member, depending on which type of subscription you have.

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netflix, Netflix Party

How to add Google Chrome Netflix Party extension

After your friend and family logged in their Netflix account on their computer and laptop, they all need to download an extension called Netflix party, lets see how you do that.

Step 1: Go to your chrome browser and visit “”

Step 2: And then click Netflix party for free

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to your Google Chrome web store to download the “Netflix party” extension. Click Add to Chrome

How to watch movie with your family and friend together

Step 1: Open your google chrome browser and logged in your “Netflix” account

Step 2: Find the series, movie or show you want to watch with your friends, and click on it

Step 3: Now you can see that the “Netflix Party” icon in your chrome browser has changed from gray to red.Click on the icon and select a “Start the party”

Step 4: Now you can copy the URL from the pop-up box, and send the URL to your friends you want to invite to the group

Step 5: Now the chatroom will appear on the right side where you see when someone your friends join in the party

Now you will enjoy your favorite movie with your friend and please keep the social distancing and stay home stay safe, THANK YOU