Shark IQ robot

If you are not able to clean your house, if you want to take your vacuuming to the next level, Then you have must try robot shark IQ Robot vacuum in your house, in online and offline there are a lot of Robots vacuum.

And there are a lot of vacuum company who shell their robot vacuum, and all the company’s claim that their vacuum is best if you want your vacuum to be the next level, then you must have to try Shark IQ R1001AE model. This is one of the best vacuum cleaner.

You can easily buy the Shark IQ R1001AE model from online and offline, if you want to buy it from AMAZON, wait-wait before buying this Shark IQ R1001AE model,

let talk about what you can get in this and also what is the feature that make this vacuum good shelf cleaning robot vacuum.

What makes it a better robot vacuum is that it comes with a self-cleaning charging base. has a container that stores everything the vacuum picks up, The vacuum base that the vacuum itself docks at to charge.

And also the cleaning robot holds the dust-up to the 30 days and more, that it can clean your house easily, and then you can easily take the dust box and then threw them into the dustbin box.

Shark IQ vacuum robot also compatible with the Amazon Alexa that you can you this vacuum by your voice command, and also scheduled your day and use the IQ robot vacuum in your different-different room.

Aside from the self-cleaning where we clean our house and the house is not properly and completely clean, where the automated vacuum features, Shark IQ has more to offer as well,

for example, the Shark IQ comes with an app that you installed in your smartphone and easily control your robot vacuum with your smartphone and control a certain function of the Shark IQ vacuum.