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Tencent gaming buddy is one of the best emulator to play PUBG mobile in PCs, players unknown battleground mobile (PUBG MOBILE) is the most popular game in all over the world. PUBG Mobile emulator allows the PCs users to play PUBG mobile PCs. It is a bit of confusion that WHY! There are two separate games PUBG Mobile for ANDROID players and PUBG for PCs players, but Why! PCs players love to play PUBG mobile in pc.

So, the reason is that PUBG Mobile is famous in all over the world, and it is free for all the android users, and also for those who can’t afford PCs to play games. There are very huge numbers of users of PUBG Mobile all over the world.

and also there is huge competition in PUBG mobile then PCs, and also Tencent conduct a PUBG mobile competition known as PMPL for the mobile players in all over the world, so this is also the reason that the people want to play PUBG mobile in PCs.

So, Tencent developed the emulator for PCs players to play PUBG mobile in PCs, and Tencent’s name their emulator is Tencent gaming buddy, by using the emulator you have access to use the keyboard and a mouse.

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What is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Tencent’s gaming buddy is an emulator for the pcs developed by Tencent’s. Tencent gaming buddy helps to play PUBG Mobile game smoothly in pc. It is developed not only to paly a PUBG mobile in pcs you can also play some of the most popular mobile games on your PCs.

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How to Download Tencent’s Gaming Buddy latest version in pc?

Tencent’s Gaming Buddy is an official emulator to play a PUBG Mobile in your PCs, developed by Tencent itself, and also the emulator helps you to paly a smooth PUBG Mobile in your pc.

There is a lot of third party website who offers you to download the Tencent Gaming Buddy, but we will recommend you to download the Tencent gaming buddy from their official website. If you want to download the latest version.

Step1: Open your browser and visit to Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step2: Scroll down to download click on “Download” button

Step3: after the application gets downloaded open the application your you download, and click on ‘Install’

Step4: And then Click on ‘START’

Step5: NOW, the emulator get “Download”

Step6: when the emulator download gets finished, The PUBG Mobile automatically begins to START downloading.

Step7: Wait for the PUBG Mobile download get finished

Step8: Now your EMULATOR and PUBG mobile fully download finished

Step9: Now, you will able to launch the Game and you will able to play PUBG Mobile in your PCs with the help of TENCENT Gaming Buddy.

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How to use TENCENT official EMULATOR?

IF you want to play a PUBG mobile smoothly and fluently in your computer you need to have Tencent official Emulator Tencent gaming buddy. if you use an EMULATOR before then you will definitely be known that.

If you use keyboard and mouse in your pc to play a PUBG Mobile you have to locate your setting by drifting here and there. But the Tencent emulator works very simple way you don’t need to drag setting which is a very irritating setting.

Step1: after your downloading get finished open your emulator

Step2: Click on the three-line icon in the Taskbar

Step3: Open the setting

Step4: Now the PUBG emulator provides you three given setting-Engine, Basics and Game

Step5: click on the Game setting to select graphics type

Step6: Click on the “Engine” for the memory and the processor

Step7: And for the language and other related setting go to “BASIC”

Step8: Now click on the “Save” button to save your all setting

Step9: Now START the game

Step10: Now you will able to customize your Control, Audio, Chat, and other settings

Is Tencent Emulator is safe!

So, most of the people worry about that is the Tencent gaming Buddy safe to install in your computer, Yess you can install Tencent emulator in your PCs without any doubt, but make sure that you only download PUBG Mobile Emulator from the official Tencent website.

and ADVICE from the US you don’t download the Gaming Buddy APK from any other third party website except TENCENT. That is why I’m not giving you any download link because of Trust.

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If you want to play PUBG mobile in your PCs, and if you want to play PUBG Mobile in your PCs smoothly then Tencent emulator is the best EMULATOR for the PCs to play PUBG Mobile.

I again say make sure only you have to care about that you don’t download the Tencent Gaming Buddy APK from any third party website. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best emulator to play PUBG mobile on your computer.